Guilty Pleasure

Equal Parts

Catch Phrase

The epitome of midwestern nice with hippie flare. She grew up in front of the camera and now she can be found making her own home videos with her girls, so their memories can be preserved too. In her book, nothing is better than time spent with people she loves. And if you’re the person sitting in the corner during a party, prepare for Court to invade your space and make you feel welcome. 

Obsessed with the sentimental and nostalgic things in life. He wants nothing more than to pull people out of the chaos of life so they can clearly see the beauty and joy hiding in plain sight. As a lover of cinema and music his mind is constantly orchestrating the perfect score to everyday life. And if he’s not already shooting with his camera, he’s probably imagining doing so in his brain. 

Anything by Coldplay

Gamer & Guitar player

2AM Cinnamon Sugar Pop Tarts

“Should we get pizza?” 

Jams to

The Story by Brandi Carlile 

Sun soaker & Energizer Bunny

Reality TV

“I could thrift that.” 

don’t let her book collection know


because we aren’t bakers and people getting married are more than two cute lumps of dough. So if that’s what you want—get lost (or stick around, because they may just change your mind). We’ve teamed up to bring you a non-traditional, story-driven wedding film so you can see yourself through a new lens and that your story was worth telling all along. 

We Don't Do Cookie Cutter Wedding Films…